Cos Watercolours was created by Ameenah Begum. As an artist and designer, Ameenah wanted to find a creative solution to the almost £2m cosmetic waste problem in Europe and is now the first to market with this innovative, shimmery, up cycled watercolour paint product! This started as a final year university project and has now developed to become a paint product for sale with a developed formula and continuous experimentation, research and development. This is a small step towards a big movement. 
Cos Watercolours are zero waste, handmade, watercolour paints made from waste cosmetics as an alternative eco friendly art supply and perfect addition to any watercolour or experimental artist's paint palette. Ameenah started this project whilst at university when looking at her own unsustainable habits and investigation into the huge cosmetic waste problem in Europe. Two years on, Ameenah has refined and experimented to get a quality product out to the public asking to get a hold of these unique paint palettes.



We want to provide artists with the means to spread an environmental message louder than any words could reach. Using art as a tool for environmental activism will show retailers that consumers are willing to go the extra mile to find products that benefit our environment so businesses should be making more effort to contribute towards this collective effort to save our world. Consumers are ready to put their money where their mouth is, so retailers should be ready for it and to make the change too.



We believe this is just one example of how we can create a circular economy and build a community of people showing that they want to be a part of a bigger change, as well as a practical step for cosmetic retailers to take in order to reach their sustainability goals. Each sale helps this project to move forward to put pressure on retailers in order to make real environmental change. Together, this project will help to change the world, one brush stroke at a time.


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