First of its kind! Uniquely made "upcycled watercolour paints" produced from waste cosmetics with love.
An eco friendly alternative and addition to your watercolour paint palette, helping us to save the environment one brush stroke at a time! Cos, there's a better way!

All materials are 100% recycled or biodegradable. Each product from Cos Watercolours is literally one of a kind and new to the market. So congrats on being one of the first to try it out! All paint and pans are sustainable. Cos Watercolours are designed, made and contained with circular economy in mind! Ongoing research and development journey.

For more information and colour options, visit or follow @coswatercolours on Instagram for updates, new products and to support the journey to make a difference to artists everywhere. Changing the face of art, retail and sustainable beauty.

Money Metals Palette