3 unique Cos Watercolours in sustainable metal heart shaped tin and 3D printed biodegradable half pans. Customisable with colours of your choice!

So Sweet Selection

  • Did you know that you can send us your finished half pans so that they can be reused? And if they're broken, we can dispose of your 3D printed half pan appropriately with an industrial composter. 

    Just send them to:

    Cos Watercolours, Young Innovators Hub, Portsmouth College, Tangier Rd, PO3 6PZ

    We also encourage you to send us your waste eyeshadows and blushers so we can keep making beautiful cosmetic watercolour paints. Happy painting!

  • As Cos Watercolours is dependent on batches of unique shimmery colours being donated, we cannot guarantee which colours will be available at the time of ordering, however, we do try our best to make sure you get what you want. Please do check our website for updates and availability and let us know in the custom text field what your colour preferences are. If we have it, you'll get it! And if we don't, we'll try our best to give you a super exciting colour to take its' place. Happy painting!


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