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Cos Watercolours was founded by Product Design graduate, Ameenah Begum, who focused on the role of design for the circular economy for her final year project and discovered a way to give old colour cosmetics, destined for landfills and incinerators a new life. 

Passionate about sustainability and the impact the cosmetics industry makes on our environment, Cos Watercolours is a solution to the waste problem we are facing today by creating something wonderful from nothing at all. Alongside the unique artwork we create, we wanted to make Cos Watercolours accessible to artists everywhere and spread the message of sustainability to show that circular economy is totally possible.

Cos Watercolours deliver an alternative route to waste produced by the cosmetics industry by bridging the gap between waste and art by upcycling waste make-up into a functional paint. It provides the cosmic shimmer found in cosmetics in the form of a travel friendly set of watercolours. When items are dropped, damaged and discontinued they are no longer sold on shop floors and sent to landfill. By focusing on one element of these products at a time and finding the value in it, a new life can be given to colour cosmetics before considering disposal, making an impact on a national scale and encouraging other retailers to do the same.

We also encourage you to donate your old eyeshadows and blushers to the address found below too. Leave a name in the parcel and we'll love to give you a shoutout if we can transform it into a paint!

Cos Watercolours strives to give our customers all of the options to let their creativity run wild. We invite you to browse our site to find just what you have been looking for, and get in touch with any questions and feedback.

Cos, there’s always a better way.